Creative Arts

Career guidance in music Image

Career guidance in music

Careers in Events Image

Careers in Events

Creating an Album Image

Creating an Album

Dance Image


Making Money Image

Making Money

Marketing Image


Music and Creative Arts - Intro Image

Music and Creative Arts - Intro

Musical Instruments Image

Musical Instruments

Planning an event Image

Planning an event

Song Writer Image

Song Writer

The Art of Law Image

The Art of Law

Microsoft Exam Prep

Azure Fundamentals - AZ-900 Image

Azure Fundamentals - AZ-900

Specialist Learning Paths

Customer Service Specialist (4.2M+ Jobs) Image

Customer Service Specialist (4.2M+ Jobs)

Project Manager                  (3.9M+ Jobs) Image

Project Manager (3.9M+ Jobs)

Technical Learning Paths

Data Analyst (600k+ Jobs) Image

Data Analyst (600k+ Jobs)

IT Administrator (3.9M+ Jobs) Image

IT Administrator (3.9M+ Jobs)

Software Developer (22.7M+ Jobs) Image

Software Developer (22.7M+ Jobs)


final V12 Image

final V12

test 1000 Image

test 1000

Test 25 Image

Test 25

test final 2024 Image

test final 2024

test v2 Image

test v2

tester Image


ZA Basic Digital Literacy

101. Work with Computers Image

101. Work with Computers

102. Access Information Online Image

102. Access Information Online

103. Communicate-online Image

103. Communicate-online

105. Create Digital Content Image

105. Create Digital Content

106. Collaborate and Manage Content Digitally Image

106. Collaborate and Manage Content Digitally

201. Microsoft Office 365 Image

201. Microsoft Office 365

202. Microsoft Outlook Image

202. Microsoft Outlook

203. Microsoft SharePoint Image

203. Microsoft SharePoint

204. Microsoft Teams Image

204. Microsoft Teams

205. Microsoft Word Image

205. Microsoft Word

206. Microsoft PowerPoint Image

206. Microsoft PowerPoint

207. Microsoft Excel Image

207. Microsoft Excel

ZA Freelancing

01. Intro Image

01. Intro

02. Introduction to freelancing Image

02. Introduction to freelancing

03. Self-Motivation Image

03. Self-Motivation

04. Personal branding Image

04. Personal branding

05. Networking Image

05. Networking

06. Platforms management Image

06. Platforms management

07. Project management Image

07. Project management

08. Time management Image

08. Time management

10. Sales skills Image

10. Sales skills

11. Pricing Image

11. Pricing

12. Conflict resolution Image

12. Conflict resolution

13. Negotiation Image

13. Negotiation

14. Financial literacy Image

14. Financial literacy

15. Legal understanding Image

15. Legal understanding

16. CRM101 Image

16. CRM101

17. What to do while freelancing Image

17. What to do while freelancing

18. Your Way Forward Image

18. Your Way Forward

19. Training Closure Image

19. Training Closure